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2014 K-Z Spree 329IK Bunkhouse Pre-Renovation

So you have an RV or travel trailer that is desperately needing a makeover? Let me guess? You hate the colors inside? I GET IT! We have owned two very different bumper hitch trailers and both of them needed some serious help. Our first camper was an expandable and I loved how easy it was to tow. But, I never got the opportunity to renovate it because within a year, we upgraded to a much larger camper. Our goal? Live in this camper while we finished up building our home. And we did! We survived 5 months in this during one of the coldest falls on record in Texas. Did I mention that we also have 4 children? And one of them was not even a year old? Yes, it was an adventure. We made it, but I learned that asthetics and the brown drab interior made me want to RUN AWAY. I knew that this camper had so much potential to be beautiful. I just had to get my husband to see the vision that I had for this camper. After much convincing, my husband decided that a renovation was in order. Here are some images from last summer, just before we moved in. Brace yourself for the BROWN ON BROWN.

That puffy brown "headboard" made me cringe. I'd love to know why campers are still made like this!!

And that's what our 2014 KZ Spree 329IK Bunkhouse looked like before the big renovation. Check back on the blog to see photos during the renovation.

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