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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you renovate my camper?

 At this time, we purchase units for renovation and then sell them.  This allows us the freedom to do repairs, design adjustments and have a flexible schedule. 

How do I purchase one of your renovated campers?

You can subscribe to our mailing list and we will send out updates on our current project.  We will also notify subscribers when one of our campers is completed and ready for sale.  You may also want to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see the status of our projects.

What type of campers do you renovate?

We particularly like the Keystone brand of fifth wheels and travel trailers to renovate.  However, we will work on other brands!

What price do you sell your campers for?

This will vary depending on the year, make and model of the camper as well as the customization put into it.  A general rough estimate on renovation cost is $1,000/per linear foot + cost of RV.  (For example, a $20,000 RV, that is 36ft long, would have an expected list price of $56,000.)  

What do I need to know about RVs before purchasing from you?

We have put together some facts and info that all buyers need to be aware of prior to working with us:


  • Providing insurance for the RV upon final payment 

  • Transferring the title to client name 

  • Registering the RV in the client's name

  • Providing pick-up and/or delivery of the RV within one week of time of sale unless otherwise arranged

  • Familiarizing self with owner's manual and following the guidelines therein

  • Familiarizing self with towing best practices and safety procedures (and ensuring vehicle used for pickup can safely tow the RV)

Client acknowledges the following:  Once the RV leaves Sanville Investments, LLC, the RV and its contents are the sole responsibility and property of the client.  Sanville Investments, LLC, is not responsible for any damages that may occur during delivery or transit. Sanville Investments, LLC, is not responsible for ongoing required maintenance or damages that may occur due to neglected maintenance.   Sanville Investments, LLC, is not responsible for damages that may occur due to client error or lack of education.   

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