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Let the Demo Begin!

It's always a big deal when we start a project. First there is the massive Pinterest scouring to find the THE LOOK that I want to achieve. Then I talk to the husband aka THE MAN IN CHARGE about how much work this will entail and how much money it will involve. After that, we get to start the fun - demolition! Our kids love to help with this part and I enjoy seeing them work with us. Demolition on our KZ Spree turned out to be a little more than we expected.

Take note of the AMAZING upholstery over the windows. Ughhhh, I don't miss that!

We tore out the dinette. It made the space suddenly seem so much bigger! My husband thought I was crazy when I asked him to tear it out. But he quickly realized it was the right decision!

LOOK at all that space! Incredible!

UH OH. What would a project be if there wasn't a few issues? We found a soft spot under the dinette and in the corner of the slide out. We had no idea. The leak was small enough that we didn't know it was there. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common issue with slide -outs but Jim quickly got it repaired. And he addressed the bigger issue, which was the caulk had failed on the exterior (thank you, Texas sun).

Carpet is gone! Who wants nasty carpet in a camper, anyway?!

Another soft area and leak in the bunkhouse that had to be repaired. Always more fun than we planned on!

The master bedroom has great storage but it was so boring. And BROWN. It was begging to be made pretty!

The bathroom has an oversized shower but it was pretty much the only great thing about the bathroom. Lots of potential in this room to make it beautiful, though!

Watch for my next post to follow the progress on our 2014 K-Z Spree Bunkhouse!

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