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2021 Jayco Jayflight Design Reveal!

At long last, our giant guesthouse/RV garage building project is drawing to a close which means we have moved the Jayflight into the bay and started the demo process! Here is the design plan moodboard that we have created for this Jayflight:

The design plan has been finalized (although we always end up tweaking things a bit along the way!) and we are so excited with the plan for this RV. This Jayflight has a GIGANTIC bunkroom with lots of storage and plenty of sleeping space. We are planinng to add a fireplace in the bunkroom to give extra heating and ambiance. We will also upgrade the entertainment center in the main living area with a fireplace as well. As per usual, everything inside will get a major overhaul. This RV draws its inspiration from nature and more specifically, the National Parks. This will be such a fun family RV and we are so excited for the family that will get to travel in this beauty when it is done.

If you want to see what the Jayco looked like prior to renovation, please visit our Instagram page click on the Highlights tab for the Jayco. You'll be able to see lots of photos and videos there.

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