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2008 Keystone Montana: Farmhouse Kitchen Edition

At long last, the Montana is finished!! We have put well over 500 hours into this rig. No surface has been left untouched. The kitchen that has undergone a massive transformation. I wish I had gotten more before photos to share but here is what I have to show you of it. This was prior to us "demoing" the rig. There was a super awkward upper cabinet wraparound thing that blocked the view as soon as you entered the rig. We tore that whole upper section down and the open plan looks SO much better!

And here are the beautiful after photos! I am in love with the gorgeous kitchen cabinets. It's such a pretty color! And it hides the camping dirt well! Jim made custom walnut butcher block countertops for all the counters that we removed from the rig. They turned out so well! We did not stain them. Just sealed them. Their natural color is perfect!

We also removed the big, awkward table and chairs and instead made a bar eating area and a folding table/desk station. Having two eating areas works really well when you want to seat a number of people!

Let us know what you think of this kitchen! We love to hear your feedback.

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