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The Spree is Finished!

I don't even think I can explain the JOY that I have when I am in this camper now!! Eeek! It truly feels like a retreat on wheels. I want to brew some coffee and sit in here. For like a week! I think we exceeded my expectations for this space and I'm thrilled with the ambiance that it gives off! Several potential buyers have been to see it and they have all fallen in LOVE with it. They have told me that it feels so "homey". I love that! I'm so happy to hear that it feels like a welcoming space to visitors!

Without further ado, here are the post renovation photos! Let's start with the exterior....

Do you remember how drab the exterior looked? And those cracked vinyl stickers? GONE!! Jim spent many hours stripping the exterior and then sanded it and buffed it to perfection! It's gleaming!

The buyers for this camper told us that they love the clean, minimal look of the exterior. That made Jim pretty happy! :)

We left the exterior kitchen alone. It was in mint condition. A little brown outside didn't bother me like the brown inside did!

Moving on to the interior...

I love the gray cabinetry and flooring combination! I decided to do black accents for the furniture. It also went well with all the black appliances in the kitchen. For our cabinetry handles, we removed them all and spray painted them with a Rustoleum bronze paint. We updated the wall sconce with something more modern from Lowe's and Jim made a custom on/off switch for it. The futon was the perfect choice for this space. It is lightweight and folds down into another sleeping area. I found this at Walmart.

I spent a Saturday at IKEA (um, I could probably have spent a whole weekend there!) and found some awesome stuff for the camper. The pillows and throw blanket are from IKEA as is the dining set. The table is sturdy but easy to rotate for travel when you need to pull the slide out in. This new seating arrangement seats the same number of people as the dinette did, BUT gives so much more space to the area, making it all seem so much more SPACIOUS!

Let's talk about the amazing countertop! We built this together and Jim put a stain and sealer on it to keep it durable for years to come. We upgraded the sink to a massive farmhouse style stainless steel sink and we ordered new fixtures for it. We found all of these at Amazon. YAY! This island is now larger than before and way more functional for actual dishwashing and meal preparation.

This camper has a decent amount of counter space - but it was all an ugly brown. I found a great product by Rustoleum that is made for painting counters. After several coats, we were very pleased with the final result. It is durable and it looks so much better! I found peel and stick tile from Lowe's that worked perfect for accent walls. Jim used liquid nails to make sure they don't move in transit.

Now let's move on to the bunkroom...

This was taken before we got in a special sized mattress for the upper bunk. But Amazon had the exact size we needed, so it made life a little easier when it came to finishing off this room.

These cute little hooks and wall hanging are from the Target Dollar Spot - how cute are they?!

I absolutely love how this wall unit turned out! I'm a sucker for blue! The wall pendant was also from Target. It added a little interest to the big back wall and helped me keep this room feeling fun! The curtains are made from flour sack towels and we clipped them on with ring clips and hung them on black cafe rods from Walmart.

Can we say storage???

Let's head down to the bathroom area for our photo tour...

This bathroom got a heavy duty makeover. It was SO VERY DRAB. I think the life got sucked right down the toilet...or something! We replaced the flooring, painted the cabinets and hardware. Then we pried the ugly old mirror off the wall (took a lot of pleading with the hubby on this one!) and put down stained pine shiplap. The natural wood look warmed this room up immensely! It was worth all the effort! Next we added a cute mirror from IKEA and lights from Lowe's. We also painted the countertop and replaced the sink (the plastic had turned the old one a lovely shade of yellow (ish). Ick!

We replaced the shower head and fixtures because the old ones had broken and were a lovely shade of the yellow (ish).

I found some awesome Command Strip black hanging hooks at Home Depot. They were a little pricey but perfect for this wall area that has to double as a towel hanging station. In a camper, you have to think of lightweight for wall fixtures and these fit the bill. They also look modern, which made me happy!

The shower got a deep cleaning and some new caulk because it was never properly sealed correctly and water ran out of the bottom door area and onto the floor...(who engineered this thing?). The shower is oversized for a camper and feels very spacious. We never felt cramped in it when we lived in this camper!

So much prettier!

Now on to the master bedroom area...

This huge linen closet was a rare find when we were looking at bumper pull campers to live in. This particular model had SO MUCH STORAGE. The closet here was located right outside of the master bedroom and was great for towels and clothing.

The master bedroom!! This room is so much prettier after the renovation. The blue cabinets and wood accent wall really gave it a warm, modern feel. The cabinets also hold so many clothes and hanging items!

This under the bed storage area is HUGE!

More flour sack cotton curtains! :)

Are we at a hotel?? Or a camper?? This must be GLAMPING!

If you made it this far, you survived a long post. Thanks for reading and following our journey! I hope you'll stop back often to see our latest projects.

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